Born in 1976 in USSR, I have lived in Moscow since 1977, I also studied there at art school and art academy.
I come from an artistic family, some of them painters, my mom a musician, so I grew up in an artistic environment. After my training I worked as a teacher in an art school and I always painted.
On the side I worked on commission at private houses  (decorating walls, windows) so I am familiar with different materials and techniques, but for painting  I prefer oils, canvas, palette knife. It helps me to express my feelings.
Some years ago I visited Holland for the first time, and found that being here gave me lots of inspiration to paint. Later on I found some galleries to expose my work, for example, Jan van den Elshout in The Hague, gallery by Peter Rijs in Amsterdam, Ruigevaert in Groningen, Het Grachthuisje in Lisse and I also joined art festivals.  Twice in Noordwijk  (and I was nominated as young talent award by Royal Talens in 2012), the
 Glory art festival in Bergen 2012 and also  a festival in Katwijk in 2013.
Now I am living and working in Holland, sometimes I join an exposition in Moscow, I have contacts with galleries there. Many of my paintings have found their way to private collections in USA, Canada, England, Russia, Holland, and  other European countries.